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Learn Basic Survival

When you make the decision to start prepping you start to learn about living a whole new lifestyle. With that new lifestyle comes a whole new set of skills and abilities that you must take on in order to ensure the survival of you and your loved ones who live with you. There are some skills that are drastically more important than others, having ensured the survival of the species for thousands of years. Here are two of the most important skills that you can learn and why you need them.

Building a Fire

Fire is the single greatest thing discovered by humans since the dawn of our existence. Without fire it is arguable that we would have died out a very long time ago. Fire is what allowed us to cook our food, to keep warm, to have light during the night, to serve as a signal, and even to frighten away hostile animals. Today we have the wonderful advantages of numerous different forms of firestarting available to us in the modern age but it is still important to know how to properly structure firewood and how to pick the right firewood. Otherwise you will not be able to keep the fire going long enough. To learn more about firestarting visit Patriot’s closet.

Weapon Handling

It does not matter how well versed you are with your weapon, be it a firearm or crossbow, you should attend a class at the very least as a refresher course. The proper know-how on weapon handling can mean all the difference between life and death. Learn more about it at Patriot’s Closet as well.

Check out this video to learn more about firestarting:

Why E Cigarettes Are Practically Perfect



There are millions of smokers in the United States and there are so many people out there who are wanting to get rid of their cigarettes once and for all. One of the reasons for this is the fact that for many smokers cigarettes have become a very stale experience. They offer nothing new or worthwhile to try and they have become a financial burden that brings them no enjoyment. They want something new and different or they want nothing at all. The ones that have not opted for nothing at all have decided to try their luck with electronic cigarettes and they have found them to be far more preferable to real cigarettes.

The Core Reason

The biggest reason why electronic cigarettes have gained such a foothold against real cigarettes stems from the fact that electronic cigarettes are a step forward into the future. With regular cigarettes you have to use fire to start using it while electronic cigarettes need only a flavor cartridge and a charged battery. No lighters. No ash trays. Just pure simplicity. Though electronic cigarettes are electronic devices they are very simple. They are a step into the future in the form of something familiar.


As previously mentioned there is a lack of need for a lighter or ash tray with electronic cigarettes. You do not need to have a drawn out process in order to go out and enjoy your e cigarette or enjoy it while you are on a smoke break. You simply take out your e cigarette and you puff on it. When you are done you simply put it away. There is nothing else that needs to be done. This means that you can spend more time while on the go to simply enjoy your e cigarette and feel just a little less of a time crunch on you.

Flavors Perfected

One of the biggest problem with regular cigarettes is the fact that they only really offer the flavors of tobacco and menthol. There is no other real alternative, at the very least with mainstream cigarettes. You are stuck with a product that has had no true care put into it. No care has been made for the customer or their preferences. They put out only two flavors because thy are convinced that is all their customers really need.

As if that were not bad enough think about what the tobacco that you smoke goes through before you smoke it. The tobacco is seeped in thousands and thousands of chemicals. Those chemicals drastically alter the true flavor of the tobacco. Making things worse is the fact that when you light up you are burning the tobacco so you are not tasting the tobacco itself. You are simply tasting smoke and chemicals.

Electronic cigarettes on the other hand offer a fantastic amount of variety for their users. Not only can you get the typical tobacco and menthol flavors you can get some really fun and tasty flavors such as cola, vanilla, chocolate, and so many others. Making things ever better for the user is the ability to mix and match the different e liquid flavors to get the combination that works best for you. If you want to get the best level of variety then you should definitely try My7s.

Best of all is the level of flavor fidelity. E liquid is composed largely of three ingredients which are water, nicotine, and flavoring. These flavors are concentrated and derived from natural sources. There are, of course, different ingredients from e cig maker to e cig maker but by and large those three ingredients remain the same.

Try Something New With E Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes represent the new. They represent a true replacement for the archaic and stale experience of smoking regular tobacco based cigarettes. There is a true sense that electronic cigarettes are lovingly made for smokers who are tired of the same old experience and want to have that great new experience. Electronic cigarettes are simply the future of smoking and what a bright future it is. If you are a smoker who is looking for that next step or next experience then electronic cigarettes just might be for you.

Does vaping medical marijuana in a Firefly have a strong smell?

Vaping medical marijuana is slowly becoming more and more popular. So it should come as no surprise that people are in love with vaping medical marijuana in their Firefly vaporizer.

Hundreds of people have switched from smoking their medical marijuana to vaping it for a number of different reasons. The reasons range anywhere from getting a better effect from the medical marijuana to wanting to try something new. But most of the people that began vaping medical marijuana from a Firefly have chosen to do so because it reduces the smell. After all, no one wants to go out in public smelling like they just got off of the medical marijuana bus.

I know that I despised having to go out in public after I had just smoked my medical marijuana. It was embarrassing to see all the people look at me funny while standing behind me in the checkout line. It was even worse to hear a little kid tell their parents that I smelled funny. But ever since I have started vaping my medical marijuana with my Firefly vaporizer, these are things I have not had to deal with.

Now, it would be foolish to think that there would be no smell from vaping medical marijuana in the Firefly. After all, medical marijuana already has a very strong and distinguished smell before it is even smoked. So it is safe to say that vaping the medical marijuana in your Firefly would still have a smell. And I am here to tell you that it does still leave a smell.

However, the smell from vaping your medical marijuana in your Firefly will not be as strong as it would be if you were to smoke it in a traditional way. You see, when you vape your medical marijuana in your Firefly, you are not burning it. You are only heating up the medical marijuana so that you can intake the ingredients of the MJ.

When you vape your medical marijuana in your Firefly you will actually get more for your money. Because you are not burning the medical marijuana and only heating it up, you are allowing yourself to intake all of the ingredients without burning it completely before getting the full effect.

Vaping medical marijuana in a Firefly does leave a lingering smell, however, the smell is not near as strong as it would be if you were to smoke the medical marijuana. Keep in mind that some vaporizers leave a stronger smell than others. But as a Firefly vape user and a strong believer in the product, I can assure you without hesitation that the Firefly vape will not leave a strong smell. It will be a very minimal smell that can easily be masked with a quick shower or even a body spray.

(You can learn more about how medical marijuana smells when vaping by clicking here. After all, it is important to know all you can about the smell of vaping medical marijuana in your Firefly.

If you do not already own a Firefly vaporizer and you are considering getting one so that you don’t have a strong MJ odor, you should get online and take a look at the firefly dry herb vaporizer review. Reading reviews of other vapes will help you to better understand the vaporizer and explain why it is well worth the money you will spend on it.

How to Face the Difficulties in Life and Stay Healthy

z4In life, growing old is just one of the many facts that people have to contend with. Yet it does not have to mean sacrificing your General Health. Staying solid as you age implies discovering exercises that you appreciate. Everybody has distinctive methods for encountering importance and euphoria, and the exercises you appreciate may change after some time. In the event that your profession backs off or you resign, or if your kids leave home, you may discover you have more opportunity to appreciate exercises outside of work and close family. In any case, requiring some serious energy to feed your soul is never squandered. In case you’re not certain where to begin, attempt a portion of the accompanying recommendations.

Tips on How to Face the Difficulties in Life and Stay Healthy

Get a leisure activity or attempt another interest, play with your grandkids, nieces, nephews, or a most loved pet, gain some new useful knowledge, get included in your group. You can volunteer or go to a nearby occasion. Take a class or join a club or games group. z6Travel some place new or go on a weekend excursion to a spot you’ve never gone by. Invest energy in nature. Take a beautiful trek, go angling or outdoors, appreciate a ski trip.

Appreciate human expressions. Visit an exhibition hall, go to a show or a play. Compose your diaries or a play about your backgrounds. The conceivable outcomes are huge. The imperative thing is to discover exercises that are both important and agreeable for you. You should also laugh more. It is asolid drug for both the body and the psyche. It helps you stay adjusted, vigorous, happy, and solid at any age. A comical inclination helps you overcome extreme times, look outside yourself, chuckle at the absurdities of life, and rise above challenges.

Health-Growing Old Gracefully

z10In case you wish to be able to keep your General Health until a ripe old age, you have to pay attention to how you can acknowledge the things you can’t change. Numerous things in life are outside our ability to control. Instead of worrying about them, concentrate on the things you can control, for example, the way you respond to issues. Face your constraints with pride and a sound measurement of funniness. As the adage goes, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. When confronting significant difficulties, attempt to take a gander at them as open doors for self-improvement. In the event that your own poor decisions added to a distressing circumstance, think about them and gain from your errors. Allow yourself the capacity to manage life’s difficulties.

Tips for Growing Old Gracefully

circkleslogopawsAt the point when a test appears to be too huge to handle, showing it where no one will think to look regularly is the most effortless alternative. Be that as it may, overlooking the issue doesn’t make it leave. It permits both the issue and your nervousness to fabricate. Rather, you should face it head on. Indeed, even a little stride can go far to boosting your certainty and advising you that you are not weak. A key fixing in the formula for solid maturing is the proceeding with thecapacity to discover significance and delight in life.growing-older-gracefully-graphic

As you age, your life will change and you will progressively lose things that beforehand possessed your time and gave your life reason. For instance, your occupation may transform, you may, at the end, resign from your employment, your youngsters may leave home, or different loved ones may move far away. However, this is not a period to quit advancing. Later life can be a period of energizing new experiences in the event that you let it.